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As a writer, educator, and Certified Personal Trainer, I understand that every person learns in dynamic and unique ways. I'm here to curate an approach that helps you express your whole self through words and/or movement..

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I am an experienced writer and educator. For a decade, I taught and tutored writing at a liberal arts college, mentoring hundreds of students from an array of disciplines. I find great joy in watching writers and their work develop over time.

Complementing my love of learning, my passion for fitness facilitates a different kind of growth. Although I was more of a bookworm than an athlete in my younger days, I discovered the benefits of exercise in my late twenties and never looked back. I realized that my mind and my body are deeply connected and that pursuing fitness is one path toward building resiliency, managing anxiety, and having fun!

The third and most important pillar of my life is my family. When I am not working or working out, I love dancing with my son, throwing a ball for my two dogs, and going to the theatre with my husband. 


- Bachelor of Arts, The College of Wooster

- Master of Higher Education, - Pennsylvania State University

- NASM-Certified Personal Trainer

- CrossFit-OL1 with Certification in Running

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